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July 14, 2017 Lillian Bridges

Recipe Testing!


I've been spending my summer so far cooking a lot - something for me that is a great joy! That's because I am writing a Chinese Cookbook with my son Stephen based on the recipes from my family, specifically my grandfather, Kingway Lowe who was a phenomenal cook.

Here's a preview from the introduction:

"I was taught how to prepare everything for Chinese cooking and spent many hours being one of his Sous Chefs. I started off picking off the heads and tails of bean sprouts to make perfect “silver needles.” I took the strings off thousands of green beans and pea pods. And, I have pleated so many potstickers (also called Jiaotze and Guotie) that I can make them blindfolded. Then I learned knife skills and how to cut ingredients and they had to be exactly the same size! Over time, I was given more and more responsibility although I was never allowed to cook a complete dish. I watched him carefully and because he never measured, I had to learn more about what seasonings and spices he used and in what proportion and combination rather than how many teaspoons, tablespoons or cups of ingredients the recipes contained. He educated my palate so well that I learned how good Chinese food is supposed to taste. He coached me to understand that the different dishes needed to incorporate the Five Flavors – salty, sour, bitter, sweet and pungent to create a balanced meal."

This is why I write my other blog, 5 Element Food although I have to admit, most of the best Chinese recipes have not been posted since they will be in the cookbook. We are working hard on getting this done and hope to have it published by Chinese New Year 2018. I'll keep you posted....

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