We've Moved!

August 25, 2015 Lillian Bridges

The Lotus Institute has moved into a new office in downtown Seattle!  All of the Master Face Reading Certification Program Modules in the US will be held there starting in 2016. The last module to be held in San Diego will be in September and all of the European MFRC Program Modules, including the Ming Module, are moving to Hamburg, Germany starting in November 2015 and continuing into 2017. We are so proud to have already graduate 60 students over the last three years!
We are also announcing the start of new Daoist Design Program for experienced Feng Shui Practitioners as well as Interior Designers and Architects.  If you don't have Feng Shui or Design Experience, you can catch up by attending the prerequisite Five Element Feng Shui Intensive. It is also recommended for any Practitioner who would like to learn how Feng Shui is done the Lotus Institute way.  There are two courses to help current Feng Shui Practitioners and Daoist Design students learn how to "read" their clients - Faces and Places - Face Reading for Feng Shui and Bazi - Chinese Astrology. Another new class is The Power of Yin that will help you get balanced in this Yang World we currently live in.
Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our interactive Golden Path Workshop and adding some other new courses too.  Our new Clinical Applications of Facial Diagnoisis Workshops are offered to Acupuncturists and other Health Professionals for CEUs and to show how Facial Diagnosis can be used in the clinic. Our new Five Element Food and Nutrition workshop is also open to anyone who wants to know more about how to eat, cook and heal with food.
Consultations will all be held in the new Seattle office if you are interested in a Face Reading or Golden Path Consultation in person. Skype consultations are still available too.  We also have a list of graduates from our MFRC Program around the world who can also read your face and apply Facial Diagnosis in the clinic.
Keep checking back here for more Lotus Institute News!

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