Chinese New Year Lucky Foods

February 01, 2016 Lillian Bridges

Here's a list of lucky foods to eat during the Chinese New Year celebration period from New Year's Eve, February 7th to 15 days after New Year's Day, which culminates in the Lantern Festival. The traditional Chinese New Year celebration begins with a New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner, bringing together family and friends and of course eating lucky foods.  Then, what's eaten on New Year's Day is also very important.  But you have over 2 weeks to eat all of these lucky foods. If you would like some ideas on how to cook with them, I have many recipes that include these foods on my Food Blog:  Five Element Food.

Bamboo Shoots - Wealth and Happiness

Carrots – Good luck

Celery – Good Hard Work, Diligence

Chicken (especially Whole) - Happiness in Marriage or Relationship

Chinese Chives (Garlic Chives) – Something Good Lasts Forever, Eternity

Chinese Dates/Jujubes – Early Prosperity

Cilantro – Serendipity

Clams - Money and being able to hold onto it

Coconut - Togetherness

Daikon Radish - Good Omens

Dried Bean Curd - Happiness

Duck - Marital Fidelity and Happiness

Eggs - Fertility and Creativity

Fish – Whole - for Abundant Wealth and the head and tail indicate a good beginning and end of the year

Five Vegetable Stir-Fry – Gives the Five Blessings of Longevity, Riches, Peace, Wisdom and Virtue

Greens - Abundance

Kumquats – Prosperity and a Sweet Life when candied

Leek – Being Clever with Money

Lettuce - Rising Fortune and a Fresh Start

Lily Buds (dried) - Prosperity

Lotus Root – Continuing Wealth

Lotus Seed - Fertility and Creativity

Lychees - Close Family Ties

Meatballs - Reunions

Noodles - Long Life

Oranges/Tangerines - Luck and Wealth (especially good with leaves attached)

Peanuts - Long Life

Pomelo – Continuous Prosperity and Status

Potstickers and Egg Rolls - Wealth

Rice - Abundance

Rice Cakes, both sweet and savory – A Higher Year

Peanuts - Long Life

Scallions – Becoming Clever and Smart

Sea Moss - Prosperity

Shallot - Wisdom

Shitake Mushrooms - Fulfill Wishes

Sweets – A Sweet Life in the New Year and usually served as the:

Tray of Togetherness – 8 sugared sweets such as coconut, lotus seed, lotus root, water chestnut, carrot, winter melon and kumquats or candies

Watermelon Seeds - Lots of Children and Grandchildren, Happiness

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