Applied Facial Diagnosis and Face Reading


Facial Diagnosis has been verified to be one of the original diagnostic techniques of ancient Chinese Medicine. It still has remarkable application today, particularly in diagnosing and treating some very hard to manage conditions. The Lotus Institute offers two courses that apply Facial Diagnosis to both Trauma and Shen Disturbances. The Lotus Institute Faculty Members teaching these courses are both licensed and practicing acupuncturists in thriving practices and have become experts in utilizing Facial Diagnosis to diagnose and determine the best treatment protocols for these conditions and to monitor those treatments from the facial signs. 

Clinical Applications of Facial Diagnosis – Treating Trauma with Facial Diagnosis and Acupuncture*

Emotional trauma is seen daily in the acupuncture clinic and often goes without being fully cleared. These traumas can upset the harmony of the body’s physiology and thus reduces the body’s innate ability to heal and regulate itself. Once these traumas are identified and treated, the body will function more at an optimum level and will respond to treatments for other conditions present.

This two-day workshop will show how to use Facial Diagnosis to identify present and old emotional trauma and will help practitioners determine how treat that trauma and to monitor from the client’s face how the treatment is progressing. Many types of emotional traumas will be included and emotional aspects will be highlighted (i.e. anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, mood swings, insomnia, fear/phobias, etc.) and unique acupuncture point combinations will be recommended and demonstrated.

  • Teacher: CT Holman
  • Date & Location: February 20 - 21, 2016 - Seattle, WA
  • Cost: $350 USD
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Clinical Applications of Facial Diagnosis - Shen Disturbances - Treating with the Extraordinary Meridians and Ghost Points*

The ability to recognize and evaluate Shen is one of the most important diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine. Treating the Shen is even more important as all diseases have an underlying emotional component. Evaluating the changes in a patient’s Shen can therefore be used diagnostically and treating the Shen specifically can give immediate results in clinical practice, particularly at the emotional and psychological level. This two-day workshop will give practitioners effective treatment protocols based on applied Shen Diagnosis from the Face and Shen Treatments that can be monitored from changes in the face. Participants will learn how to utilize the Extraordinary Meridian Points and Ghost Points to release trapped fire and internal wind. These treatments are particularly effective for addiction and mood disorders. They will also be taught how to release repressed emotions with point combinations that can increase emotional and psychological resilience and to enhance emotional equilibrium in their patients.

  • Teacher: Deirdre Courtney
  • Date & Location: June 11 - 12, 2016 - Seattle, WA
  • Cost: $350 USD
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Face Reading has many applications in the business world and we want to show you all the ways you can use face reading in the workplace. So, the Lotus Institute will soon be offering workshops in Applications of Face Reading for specific professions. They will be taught by our Master Face Reading Certification Program Graduates who are experts in their respective fields and have merged Face Reading into their work.

Face Reading for Aestheticians

  • Teachers: Kelly Harrington and Marianne Chalmers-Talkovski
  • Date & Location: August 7 - 8, 2016 - Seattle, WA
  • Cost: $350
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*CEUs, CPD and PDA points for acupuncturists will be available for this course