A Face Reading Consultation is a transformative experience that helps people understand their true nature and will activate their spirit or Shen. Through a synthesized analysis of the features and markings of the face, Lillian validates personality traits, uncovers past issues and unravels patterns, evaluates health problems from signs on the face and gives recommendations for optimal emotional, psychological and physical health.

A Golden Path Consultation – Lillian takes the information from what the Daoists call the Original Face – the inherited talents and abilities of the Jing, the personality, the past experiences from the Facial Maps and the Signs from the Shen (light of the eyes) and combines them into a reading about potential to create a future life of meaning and fulfillment. This information may be found during a Face Reading. However, finding someone’s Golden Path usually requires another scheduled consultation that occurs after the initial face reading has been conducted. This will be determined in the first consultation.

Scheduling Consultations - Face Reading/Golden Path Consultations are conducted by Lillian either in-person at the Lotus Institute's Seattle office or over Skype on a limited basis. Or you can choose to have a Face Reading conducted by one of our Master Face Reading Certification Program Graduates around the world.

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A Daoist Design/Feng Shui Consultation takes anywhere from 2.5 hours to 1/2 day to a full day to several days for a complex development. Lillian can work from siting buildings on raw land, to designing and working with floor plans and she assists with remodeling, redecorating and energetically enhancing environments in a variety of ways to make them healthier.

Fees depend on the complexity of the design job.  Schedule a Daoist Design/Feng Shui Consultation at