Corporate Training

For Corporate Management Teams, Sales and Human Resources

Business is all about communication – whether selling, marketing, hiring or meeting with coworkers and associates. Learning to read faces helps you communicate better. It’s that simple and that important.  Faces convey numerous clues about personality that give tremendous insight into the motivations of others. The expressions and markings reveal the emotions, whereas the changes in the eyes can reveal what people are thinking. Face Reading can help make your staff and teams more productive and cooperative. This is an invaluable tool for all business professionals.

Lillian has spoken to CEOs and Upper Management Teams around the world. Have her customize a program for your company soon.

 For Corporate Management – Face Reading gives insight into:

  • The Five Dynamic Forces of Management and Motivation
  • Ways to Engage and Motivate your Employees for increased Productivity
  • Handling Conflict and Increasing Compatibility in Management Teams

 For Sales – Face Reading will help you:

  • Evaluate the Motives and Needs of your Buyers
  • Understand the Learn the Signs of Receptivity on the Face
  • Recognize When to Close from the Changes in the Eyes
  • Conduct all Face to Face Communication, particularly negotiations

For Human Resources – Face Reading will assist you in:

  • Improving Interviewing Techniques
  • Evaluating and Screening Candidates for Position Placement
  • Matching Personality Traits to Teams and Managers
  • Enhancing all Face to Face Communication

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