Daoist Design Program™

The Daoist Design Program is an online course (coming soon) that takes Five Element Feng Shui and returns it to the roots of ancient Daoist Philosophy and Chinese Medicine and then brings it up to a Transcendent Level. The knowledge given in this Program goes beyond the traditional concepts of placement and arrangement of the Form School to explain how we as individuals can fit into and adapt to the greater scheme of the Cosmos. Daoist Design works with the deeper spiritual meanings of the universal principles of design and aesthetics - how line, shape, form and color can all nourish the body, affect the psyche and help us create environments that feed our spirit. The Daoist Design Program is divided into the following Three LevelsLevel I: To See; Level II: To Know; Level III - To Believe, Intend and Manifest. 

LEVEL I - Faces and Places - Face Reading for Feng Shui

This class is designed to teach students how to apply Face Reading as a way to understand their Feng Shui clients. The emphasis will be on how to read clients’ physiological, emotional and psychological needs from their Five Element Features. Interview Techniques associated with the facial Information and changes in the Shen will also be taught so that Feng Shui Practitioners will learn how to assist their clients in creating environments that match and support their inner nature. 

LEVEL II –Five Element Feng Shui

This course covers the fundamental principles of Feng Shui from the ancient Form School that begins with the deep understanding of Qi - in the body and in the environment and how to integrate them. You will also be taught methods of balancing Yin and Yang in both personal and professional environments. You will learn to feel and clear Predecessor Qi through various methods both ancient and modern, and will be given the best techniques for clearing clutter and creating harmonious spaces. You will also be given a brief overview of the Compass School method of Feng Shui - the use of the Lo Pan Compass, the meaning of the Trigrams of the I Ching and the Lo Shu square as they relate to the Bagua and the use of directions in Feng Shui. 

In addition, you will learn about the Five Elements as they are used in Feng Shui and will focus on the these elements as they relate to Shape, Line, Color, Design and Lifestyle. You will be taught about the origins of the Five Element Bagua and how to Intend and Manifest desired outcomes. You will be given an overview about how to utilize the Five Elements as natural cures in the most important rooms in a person’s life to create healthier, more nurturing and productive environments.

LEVEL III – Daoist Design

Feng Shui is derived from Daoism and embodies a belief in the powerful forces of nature and then understanding how these forces shape our lives. The principles of Daoist Design show us what we can do to harness these energies - this is known as Taming the Dragons. Then it is important to benefit from the energies of the Cosmos and this is called Gathering Ling. Then, as Feng Shui was originally a part of Chinese Medicine, Daoist Design also works with the energies of Yin and Yang, Jing, Qi and Shen and Ming with the intention of creating the most healing and life-enhancing environments possible by working with the environment as the Outer Body and only then can Daoist Design help set the intention and vibration for a client's future self. Feng Shui is Daoist Magic and these classes will make you fully aware of the unseen and the unmanifested aspects of the universe that can be brought back to Earth.

Topics Covered Include: 

Ling & Landforms – Dragons Above & Below

Transcendent Bagua - The Qi Walk and Healing Colors

The Daoist Symbol System - The Sacred and Natural in Line, Shape and Form

Yin and Jing Feng Shui - Cemeteries, Creative Spaces and Sleeping Spaces

Yang and Qi Feng Shui – Creating Healthy and Productive Office Buildings, Office Spaces and Workplaces 

Shen Feng Shui - Cultivating the Spirit of Home, Enhancing Intrinsic Beauty, Creating and Maintaining Healing Spaces

Ming Feng Shui - Signs of Destiny in the Environment, Future Feng Shui

Certification Requirements

Participants who complete the three levels of the Daoist Design Program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. In order to become certified with the International Feng Shui Guild as a Red Ribbon Professional Member, the following courses must also be taken:

Compass School Feng Shui

I Ching

The Lotus Institute is a Gold Member School of the International Feng Shui Guild.