Five Element Living™


The world and everything in it can be divided into five vibrational families.  Learning about this ancient Chinese System of the Five Elements helps you to create balance in your life personally and professionally. The Five Elements affect every area of life from the five major organs systems of the body as understood in Chinese Medicine, to the expression of personality traits and the emotions. They also influence lifestyle choices of all kinds. The Five Elements can be seen as a prism that creates personal filters through which people view and relate to the world in different ways. Learning about the Five Elements of life promotes understanding and acceptance of oneself and others and helps determine how best to live, in order to optimize health and happiness.

The Lotus Institute offers a variety of classes that teach about the Five Elements for: Lifestyle and Personal Health; for Emotional Management; and for Inner Spiritual Growth. If you would like to know more about Five Elements in the Environment, please check out the courses in our Daoist Design Program.™  All of our Five Element Living classes give our students comprehensive understanding of the Five Elements in different ways and teach you how to apply this ancient wisdom in many aspects of your life.

Next Great Class in the Five Element Living Series

The Five Virtues and Virtue Healing*

The Five Virtues are the roots of Virtue Healing, a Confucian way of understanding that the ways that we act have repercussions in our bodies, our psyches and in our lives. This workshop will help participants learn how to manifest the Five Virtues in their lives in order to achieve De – Virtuous Action. This workshop will help you heal and assist you as a Practitioner to help your patients heal by encouraging a change in perception and altering behavior by finding the ways in which you and your clients, as a spiritual beings, need to act in the world according to virtue to become congruent and healthy.

  • Teacher: Scott Tower and Sabine Wilms
  • Date & Location: January 26 - 28, 2018
  • Whidbey Island,  WA
  • Cost: $1,400, Students $950
  • Inquiry:


Nurturing Life - From the Writings of Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao is considered one of the early Fathers of Chinese Medicine. He has been called the celebrated “King of Medicinals” and was the author of the “Essential Formulas Worth a Thousand in Gold to Prepare for Emergencies.” In this two-day workshop, we will begin to analyze Sun Simiao’s writings for practical advice on how to “nurture life” (yang sheng 養生) , “treat disease before it arises” (zhi wei bing 治未病), and “cultivating virtue” (daode 道德), specifically looking at dietetics, sexual cultivation, a lifestyle of moderation and service, avoiding taxation and emotional restraint. Throughout the workshop, I will be presenting Sun Simiao’s practices and teachings as an expression of classical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, providing historical context and comparison to other classical texts as needed.  Most importantly, we will be exploring applications of this wisdom in our personal modern lives and in the lives of our patients, in the service of “nurturing life.”


Five Element Food™ and Nutrition for Healing*

Food is one of the two sources for post-natal Qi and determining what and how to eat are critical for good health. In this two-day workshop, students will learn about how the Chinese use food as the first and best medicine. Participants will be taught about the Five Flavors, the Five Colors and Nutrient Types and the Five Cooking Methods. They will be given advice about how to balance these Five Elements in their meals and learn what to cook and what to eat for many illnesses and to promote optimum health. Lillian Pearl Bridges writes a popular Food Blog about cooking with the Five Elements - 5 Element Food and Deirdre Courtney teaches about Chinese Nutrition for Health around the world. Her book on Yang Sheng - Chinese Nutrition Therapy is being published by Singing Dragon and will be out in 2018. They are joining together to bring you an enjoyable and informative course about what to eat and why, how to cook it, and how to eat to regenerate the body and enhance health.

  • Teachers: Lillian Pearl Bridges and Deirdre Courtney
  • Date & Location: TBD
  • Cost: $400 USD
  • Inquiry:

    *CEU’s, CPD and PDA Points available for these courses