Five Element Living™


Five Element Living™ - Lillian Pearl Bridges and Kelly Harrington

This series of classes gives a comprehensive understanding of the Five Elements and teaches you how to apply this ancient wisdom in many aspects of your life.

The world and everything in it can be divided into five vibrational families.  Learning about this ancient Chinese System of the Five Elements helps you to create balance in your life personally and professionally. The Five Elements affect every area of life from the five major organs systems of the body as understood in Chinese Medicine, to the expression of personality traits and the emotions. They also influence lifestyle choices of all kinds.

The Five Elements can be seen as a prism that creates personal filters through which people view and relate to the world in different ways. Learning about the Five Elements of life promotes understanding and acceptance of oneself and others and helps determine how best to live, in order to optimize health and happiness.

Five Element Food™ and Nutrition for Healing* - Lillian Pearl Bridges and Deirdre Courtney

Food is one of the two sources for post-natal Qi and determining what and how to eat are critical for good health. In this series of online classes, students will learn about how the Chinese use food as the first and best medicine.

Participants will be taught about the Five Flavors, the Five Colors and Nutrient Types and the Five Cooking Methods. They will be given advice about how to balance these Five Elements in their meals and learn what to cook and what to eat for many illnesses and to promote optimum health.

*CEU’s, CPD and PDA Points available for these courses