Golden Path Workshop™

The ancient Symbol of Dao is usually thought to mean “The Way.” However, the original translation is actually “A Face Running on a Path,” implying that if you know who you truly are, then you can find your way…. This involves the concept of De – virtuous action or going in a conscious and heart-felt direction that comes from recognizing your Original Face. We carry within us intrinsic talents and abilities which, when combined with our character and life experiences, make us fascinating individuals, each with a unique personal mission, which the Chinese call Ming - or Destiny.

This enlightening two-day workshop will help you to Determine Your Destiny by uncovering who you truly are, find out what you are here to do and learn how to live the life you are destined to live with passion and pleasure. Based on the ancient philosophy of Daoism and the ancient science of Chinese Face Reading, this workshop will help you find your inner gold by mining the kaleidoscope of your past experiences and the best parts of your inner self. Then you will be taught how to refine and mold these golden parts of your true nature to find the best way to use your talents, abilities and gifts that you can then give back to the world. We recommend this class for participants who are over 25 years old. Class size is limited to 10 participants to maximize personal attention.

    • Teacher: Lillian Pearl Bridges
    • Date:  February 10 - 11, 2018, Seattle, WA USA
    • Cost: $450 USD
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      Be prepared to bring at least one photo of yourself at every stage of life until the present and complete a comprehensive job listing (including volunteer work) up to the present day. Please bring these with you to the first day of class.