The Power of Yin

In our busy, fast-paced Western world, we tend to work too much, rest too little and live in a way that rewards achievement, so that we are driven to do too much. We've forgotten how to be; how to live a more peaceful, calm and contented life. In Chinese Medical terms, we are living too much from the Yang energy and we are seriously depleting our Yin. Yet Yin is the extremely important energy that needs to be nourished and enhanced in order to be healthy and to succeed. These are two interdependent aspects of life and must be balanced. So how do you live a more Yin life?  Yin is the time before; the upwelling of desire to create and procreate; the preparation for becoming Yang. Only when Yin has become full can Yang become fully activated and then Yang can naturally fall away to return to the quiescence of Yin.  These days it takes dedication to return to the Yin State of Being.  

This two-day workshop will explore the ways to increase Yin Living. Topics to be covered include the importance of Yin in:  Creativity; Fertility; Recovery from Illness; Prevention of Disease; and Dissolving Yang in others. There will be a discussion of the Yin Without in Women and the Yin Within in Men. Participants will come to understand the importance of our darker and deeper selves and emotions - how to access them and how to benefit from them. Yin is the mysterious source that is the only counter to excessive Yang in the world and is invaluable for creativity, in the workplace and in personal relationships. Many lifestyle recommendations and techniques for cultivating Yin will be offered so participants can immediately reclaim the Yin in their lives.

  • Teacher: Lillian Pearl Bridges with CT Holman
  • Date & Location: March 12 - 13, 2016 - Seattle, WA
  • Cost: $400 USD
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 CEUs, CPD and PDA points for acupuncturists will be available for this course