About Faculty

Kelly Harrington is the Executive Director of Lotus Institute, Inc., and oversees the programs, the administration and strategic planning. She is a Five Element Specialist and teaches classes and consults through her own company: Five Element Life in San Diego. She has been a Form School Feng Shui Practitioner for over 20 years and specializes in making both personal and professional environments healthier, nurturing and more aesthetic, while creating order and organization. Her previous work at a Management level in Banking and Finance has particularly helped her understand the needs of her business clients and gave her to the tools to oversee the Lotus Institute business operations. She has studied Feng Shui and Face Reading with Lillian Bridges at the Lotus Institute since 1994. She is also a licensed Aesthetician. Her goal has always been to help all of her clients achieve more beauty, grace and harmony within themselves and in their environments.

Deirdre Courtney speaks and teaches at Conferences, at Universities and for Acupuncture Associations internationally, as well as for the Lotus Institute, Inc., where she is also the Educational Director. She oversees the curriculum, coordinates and mentors teaching assistants and supervises grading and certification requirements. She is known for her expertise in: Yang Sheng - Nurturing Life and Chinese Food Therapy; Rejuvenation; Shen and the The Spirit Points; as well as Applied Facial Diagnosis. She also  teaches about Classical Chinese Medicine, Lifestyle and Nutrition to the general public. She has been in practice as an acupuncturist and an herbalist for over 22 years and graduated from the first Master's Degree program of Yo San University in Los Angeles. She has studied Facial Diagnosis and worked with Lillian Bridges since 2000. She was professionally trained and worked as a chef and is passionate about cooking and eating healthy food.  She was the Course Director and Principal Acupuncture lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine Ireland, Chairperson of the Irish Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and a committee member of the ETCMA. Deirdre has a private practice in Dublin, Ireland.

Please visit her website: www.deirdrecourtney.com for more information.


CT Holman is the Auihor of Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine and is the Chief Practitioner and President of Redwood Spring PC in Salem, Oregon.  He has run a busy family practice as an acupuncturist, herbalist and healer for 16 years. He teaches courses in Classical Chinese Medicine and is the Director of Development, overseeing accreditation of the programs and the corporation's growth and public profile. He is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and has extensive post-graduate education with teachers that include: Lillian Bridges (Facial Diagnosis); Master Zhong Xian Wu (Macro Cosmic Treatment Theory/Qi Gong); Dr Wei Chieh-Young (Acupuncture and Physiology); and Dr Wang Ju-Yi (Channel Palpation, Acupuncture and Physiology). He also had several years of combined study with Brian LaForgia and Brandt Stickley (Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis). He specializes in diagnosing and treating Trauma, Pain Management and Channel Palpation and teaches at schools and conferences internationally. He has been a drummer for over 30 years and treats with and teaches Shamanic Drumming and teaches and practices Qi Gong.

Please visit his web site: www.redwoodspring.com for more information.


Michael Bamba is the founder of Business Alchemy. He has over twenty-eight years of marketing and business development experience on the international level. His clients range from individuals to corporations in Japan, China, the Philippines, Australia and the United States. As a formally trained Master Practitioner of Chinese Face Reading, Compass and Flying Star Feng Shui, as well as 9 Star Ki Personality Analysis. He applies the powerful wisdom of these time-honored philosophies to create effective and results-driven personal and professional strategies. He formerly worked in Economic Development for the country of Guam and now lives in the Seattle area.