Master Face Reading Program


This program offers a unique opportunity to learn from Lillian Pearl Bridges, who was the world’s leading authority on Face Reading during her lifetime. In this program you will have access to the last ever program that Lillian taught and you will gain a vast amount of knowledge, insight & in depth understanding of Face Reading. It is a truly remarkable and life-changing program, shared in an accessible and engaging format that will enable you to go on to be a Master Face Reader yourself.

  • Program Includes:

    Three recorded modules taught by Lillian Pearl Bridges (Jing, Qi, and Shen) scheduled and released over a 12 month period (please see the schedule below) with access to the recordings for two years. You can begin the program with any module. These dates will continue every year. Once you begin, you must complete the program in the allotted two years of access.

  • Additional Information

    • Payment can be made in full at time of enrollment or paid in three installments of $1,400 (with each payment collected seven days before each module’s release date).
    • Once you register, you will have access to this program for a total of two years. There are no partial purchases (i.e. you will not be able to purchase the Shen module solely).
    • No refunds will be issued after purchase.
    • CEUs are available on completion of each module and successful completion of the three corresponding quizzes.
    • This will be featured entirely online. And all courses are recorded by Lillian Pearl Bridges.
    • There are no prerequisites for this program.

What You Get





Course Length:

Each module is approximately 30 hours broken down into 14 sessions.


Two year access:

After 12 months of enrollment, access to all three modules and recorded Q&A sessions will be available for another 12 months for review.

Live Q&A sessions during the first 12 months, followed by access to the Q&A recordings for a further 12 months. These sessions will be hosted by our faculty, CT Holman and Natalie McGrorty.

35 CEUs are available on completion of each module and successful completion of the three corresponding quizzes (for a total of 105 CEUs to complete all three modules).

Complimentary access to all Mentorship Classes will be available during your two years of enrollment. The advanced Mentorship Classes were taught by Lillian Bridges and cover vast topics that will add to the knowledge learned throughout the main program modules.