Master Face Reading Certification Program


Lillian Pearl Bridges offers the most in-depth training program available for those students who are serious about mastering Face Reading and Diagnosis. This is a professional program that is comprehensive in scope. The myriad details involved in studying this ancient science require time and repeated application. 

Recorded modules are available for purchase. 

The three primary modules of the MFRC Program are Jing, Qi and Shen and these modules can be taken in any order. There are two additional modules available: Ming and Ling.

The Master Face Reading Program is remarkably transformative experience for the students involved, as they come to realize more of their true nature. Because of the deep personal insight they attain, they are then able to go out into the world with the ability to read others. Our students go on to careers as professional face readers or add the tools learned to their individual professions. 

Jing Module – Uncovering the Original Face

  • The Topographical Map of the Face - Mountains and Rivers
  • Signs of Jing on the Face – The Seas of Yin and Yang
  • The Palace of Inheritance and the Palace of Immortality
  • Jing and Qi Markers - Managing and Protecting Jing and Qi
  • The Facial Map of Life Experiences
  • Signs of Trauma and PTSD on the Face
  • The Emotional Map
  • The Yin and Yang of the Face
  • The Three Zones of the Face
  • Facial Geometry
  • The Mole Map



Qi Module – The Body Blueprint

  • The Five Element Organ Map of the Face
  • The Water Element Features and Traits
  • The Wood Element Features and Traits
  • The Fire Element Features and Traits
  • The Earth Element Features and Traits
  • The Metal Element Features and Traits
  • Combining and Matching Traits
  • The Five Facial Colors
  • Facial Diagnosis



Shen Module – The Spirit Manifested

  • Signs of Shen on the Face
  • Shen to Shen Transmissions
  • Shen Colors
  • Emotional Qi Gong – The Five Human Emotions
  • The Five Transcendent Emotions
  • The Power of Peach Luck
  • Lying and Truth Telling
  • Shen Blockages
  • Shen Disturbances
  • Shen Deficiency
  • Shen Treatments
  • Unblocking Shen


The Master Face Reading Certification Tuition can be paid by one of these 2 payment methods for the Jing, Qi and Shen Modules*

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Bank Wire Transfers and Checks.

Option 1:

One Full Payment with Discount

One payment of $7,500.00 USD in total for all 3 modules.
You save $900.00 USD when you pay in full.


Option 2:

Three Payments with Discount

Three payments of $2,800.00 USD for each module.

Ling/Ming Modules


These Modules have separate fees.