About Testimonials

"I found Lillian to be an incredibly insightful teacher, whose passion for teaching and sincere care for her students created an exciting and informative experience. I use Face Reading daily in my practice, both as a method of diagnosis and as a means of gaining an improved understanding of my patients.  It is a complete and insightful system that provides a meaningful glimpse into a person's personality and their tendencies.  I would definitely recommend her Master Face Reading Program to anyone working in a face to face interaction with others.  I am so thankful to Lillian for preserving and making this ancient system of diagnosis available to everyone." 

Sterling Jenkins, PhD, EAMP, Seattle, WA 


"Lillian Bridges teaches fabulous face reading classes. In them she teaches you much more than you realize. Her metaphorical way of teaching helps you see the truth of yourself and others through understanding the value and cost of ones balances and imbalances that can be seen and observed in the markings of the face. Lillian’s face reading classes are transformational - if you are ready and able to see, look and do some work. With compassion, she teaches you precious ancient truths that are truly a profound gift. I am very grateful and have deep respect for Lillian and her teachings. It’s a privilege to learn and understand the truth of life through her face reading classes."

Jackie Latimer, Iridologist, Canada


"The Master Face Reading Certification Program is life-changing!  It is much more than just learning from Lillian Bridges' family lineage of Face Reading.  It's about spiritual growth and a personally transformative experience allowing one greater access to talents and abilities to propel you along your Golden Path. Lillian has such a beautiful soul and a compassionate nurturing spirit. The Master Face Reading Certification far exceeded my expectations!"

Tammy Anderson, AP, DOM, Acupuncture Physician, Florida


“One of Chinese Medicine’s most popular lecturers.”

The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness


"One of the great minds of Chinese Medicine."

Pacific Symposium of Oriental Medicine


“Lillian’s facial reading has provided much guidance in analyzing current and prospective customers in sales situations. Facial reading has also provided me with the ability to better analyze members of my sales team and all other people with whom I interact on a daily basis. I’m still a beginner, but even picking up some of the basics has really been helpful, extremely interesting and fun.”

Dan Mueller, Global Vice President of Sales, Pall Medical        


“I had a wonderful chance to attend Lillian’s 3-day workshop in Singapore. The sessions were incessantly engaging and, above all, highly inspiring and empowering to those who actively seek to discover themselves on a deep level, as well as understand others who cross their paths in their lives. A powerful set of tools and knowledge to possess that can be used both socially and professionally. Thank you, Lillian.”                                 

Winston Koh, Consulting Director - Greater China, HRnet One


“I am still amazed, not only how a person can be characterized by reading his / her face, but what potential one might have – let alone the accuracy in terms of his / her past experiences made.”

Klaus Hartig, Eecutive Vice President, FUCHS Petrolub AG


“I would like to thank you for the great experience I had at the Face Reading Seminar this week. Your knowledge and insights have been really mind-opening.”

Mirko Bordiga, CEO, Ducati Asia Pacific