Denmark Face Readers


Lene Greve

Lene Greve is one of the first graduates of our Master Face Reading Certification Program.
Lene is a licensed acupuncturist as well as a spiritual healer. Lene is using face reading both in sittings, in diagnosing and is also teaching face reading. Lenes clinic is near Aarhus – Denmark, but she also works online. Can be contacted: +45 21970624



Fattima Loreen 

Fattima Loreen, a long time student of Chinese Medicin and author of two books: “A seasonal journey” and “Ansigtslaesning”.

She includes face reading together with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Daoism, guided meditations, and her intuitive abilities, to focus on the clients spiritual path development on a personal level. Her mission is to help people into their hearts and into their unique potential, this is done through face reading, the senses, the heart and the intellect. / email