Year of the Ox Forecast


"The Purpose of Life is to be yourself as much as you can be, by combining your innate talents and abilities with the wisdom from your life experience and merging them with your intrinsic spirit. Then give yourself back to the world as a gift."           

The Lotus Institute of Lillian Pearl Bridges focuses on Transformation based on self-knowledge, creating supportive personal lifestyles,  enhancing environments and interpersonal communication.  Our unique, accredited programs and courses are all based on ancient Daoist Wisdom passed down from Lillian's Chinese family lineage.

Study Face Reading in depth in the Master Face Reading Certification Program currently being offered online. This is the most comprehensive program on Face Reading available and offers 35 CEUs per module. For Health Professionals wanting to learn more about Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis, we will be offering special topics in one hour webinars soon, along with some fascinating topics like Matchmaking and using Face Reading for Business. Start your journey towards finding your unique, personal mission in the Golden Path Workshop. Or, study Daoist Designwhich is Feng Shui from a Daoist Cosmological perspective. We hope to see you in a class soon!