"The Purpose of Life is to be yourself as much as you can be, by combining your innate talents and abilities with the wisdom from your life experience and merging them with your intrinsic spirit. Then give yourself back to the world as a great gift."

The Lotus Institute of Lillian Pearl Bridges focuses on Transformation: personal, professional, and spiritual, as well as the transformation of environments. Our unique programs are all based on ancient Daoist Wisdom passed down through Lillian’s Chinese family lineage, combined with her deep knowledge and years of research and experience in the fields of Psychology, Medicine, Color and Design.

The Lotus Institute offers the most comprehensive courses in Face Reading and Diagnosis, an important branch of Classical Chinese Medicine, in our Master Face Reading Certification Program.™ We are proud to have already Certified 70 students over the last four years.

To continue learning about Facial Diagnosis, we offer weekend workshops on Clinical Applications of Facial Diagnosis for Acupuncturists and other Health Professionals with CEUs, CPD and PDA points available. Other classes show how Face Reading can be used in a variety of ways in our Business Face to Face™ classes or in many other professions in our growing Applied Face Reading series.

You can work on finding your life purpose in our Golden Path Workshop,™ in a Personal Consultation with Lillian, or get a Face Reading conducted by one of our MFRC Program Graduates around the world.

We are also introducing our Daoist Design Program.™ This Program is for experienced Feng Shui Practitioners, Interior Designers and Architects with previous Feng Shui training. Students in the Daoist Design Certificate Program will learn about the original intent of Feng Shui from a Daoist Cosmological perspective, from it's foundation in Chinese Medicine, and as a tool for spiritual growth to create life-giving spaces and places that support the psyche and enhance creativity and productivity.

We hope you will join us in our programs and workshops soon!