Ling Module

Ling means Magic - the Magic of the Cosmos. The Chinese symbol shows a Cloud with Rain Falling Down and Three Sages with their Mouths open absorbing this gift from the Heavens. The ancient Chinese Sages understood how the Cosmos shapes our lives and how to integrate this Magic into our lives.

Their mythical representation of the world involved two magnificent Dragons in the Sky who by playing with their Pearl, the Moon, create Clouds, Thunder, Lightening and Rain, feeding the Earth and the Dragons below. These Earth Dragons promote the growth of all living things and manifest through nature and the cycles of life. 

There are tools to harness and balance these powerful energies from above and below. This is known as “Taming the Dragons.” It is also important to learn how to benefit from these energies and this is called “Gathering Ling.”

This class will make you fully aware of the unseen and the unmanifested aspects of the universe that can be brought back to Earth to enliven, enlighten and help heal us. 

This class is open to enrolled and graduated students of the Master Face Reading Certification Program,

Ling Module*

Topics covered will include:

  • An esoteric orientation of the fundamental principles from Chinese Philosophy and Medicine
  • An understanding of the Sacred and Natural in Health
  • Cultivating the Spirit Within and Without
  • Yang Sheng Living - Working with the many layers of the Body 
  • Yang Sheng Living - Creating, Embracing and Enhancing Intrinsic Beauty/Health


Recordings from 2020 are available for purchase.

Cost:  $2,000 USD