Ling Questions

Ling Module Questions | To be completed for NCCAOM Continuing Education Credits

To be completed after viewing all sessions of the Ling Module. Please send your completed quiz answers to Kelsey at 


1. The Esoteric Definition of Shen includes:
  • Clarity of Consciousness
  • The Color of the Eyes
  • The Brightness of the Smile
  • The Movement of the Hands
2. In the ancient Chinese view of the Cycles of Life, the most dangerous time in life is:
  • Childhood
  • Mid Life
  • Old Age
3. Critical Transitions are:
  • The Time People Spend Recovering from a Serious Illness
  • The Time After a Big Life Event
  • The Time Before and After a Decade Birthday

4. The Part of the Body that is Symbolic of the Ego is:  

  • The Lungs
  • The Liver
  • The Heart
  • The Mind
5. The Part of the Body that is Symbolic of Judgment is:
  • The Lungs
  • The Heart
  • The Liver
  • The Spleen


6. The Metaphor of Heart Disease involves
  • The Ability to Express Love
  • The Ability to Receive Love
  • Lack of Joy
  • All of the Above


7. Ginger is good for Digestion because:
  • It is Warming
  • It looks like the Stomach
  • It is Brown
  • All of the Above


8. The Best Diet in Yang Sheng is:
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescataran
  • Carnivorous
  • Personal

9. In Yang Sheng, Rest is an Important Factor in:

  • The Training Regimen for Athletes
  • The Health of the Kidneys
  • Healing
  • Inspiring Creativity
  • All of the Above 


10. The Most Important Virtues for any Person are:
  • Based on Other People’s Needs
  • Determined by Society
  • Individually Determined