Ming Module



Ming is a Chinese term for Destiny, which can also be translated as your “Mandate from Heaven”. With Chinese Face Reading, it is possible to help someone determine their destiny, also called your Golden Path™ from the signs shown on the face. Face Reading was once used as a fortune telling tool, as it is possible to determine what is likely, probable or possible from the combination of clues on the face. Prediction is therefore quite easy to accomplish if you know how to read and interpret these clues regarding an individual’s future. However, it is very important to give clients some free will and choice, while keeping in mind the parameters of their destiny and encouraging them to face their future from the light of the truth of their spirit.

This currently online Ming Module* is for graduates of the MFRC Program will teach participants how to continue the process of Inner Alchemy inside themselves and then from that place, use Face Reading as a prognostication tool to help people find their Golden Paths. Participants will be taught to evaluate the Jing talents and abilities along with the features and markings of the face in new, cohesive way. They will learn how information from past events from the Facial Maps can be merged with the evaluation of the various kinds of “luck” and timing that the features and markings represent and show. They will be taught to combine this information in a unique way to become a Golden Path Coach to help their clients find their way to becoming their best future selves.

This course is designed to synthesize the previously learned information from the Jing, Qi and Shen Modules in a comprehensive and spiritual way. In order to participate, students must have completed all three Master Face Reading Certification Modules and it is recommended that you reread Face Reading in Chinese Medicine before the beginning of class.

The recorded course is available for purchase by MFRCP graduates only. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

  • Cost: $2,000 USD