Qi Questions

Qi Questions | To be completed for NCCAOM Continuing Education Credits

To be completed after viewing all sessions of the Qi Module. Please send your completed quiz answers to Kelsey at info@lotusinstitute.com. 


  1. Small, narrow shoulders, slim hips, active hands, red/pink in the throat area and reddish skin are related to which of the Five Element Body Types?
  1. Kidneys are “To Be”. Liver is “To Do”. Heart is “To Play”. Lungs are “To Aspire”. What is spleen/stomach to?
  1. Which areas of the Face do we see Stomach Qi pathology?
  1. Hollow and darkness in/around the eye socket are an indication of which organ deficiency?
  1. The Seat of the Stamp and the Temple Areas are related to which Element/Organ?
  1. The Mouth is related to which Element/Organ?
  1. Sugar irregularities can be seen where on the face? (Please select one).
  • Tip of the nose
  • Lower Lip
  • Bridge of the nose
  1. The Wei Qi can be seen in which area of the Face?
  1. The Nose is also a holographic representation of the spinal column. True or False?
  1. The Tip of the Nose is where we see Heart Issues. True or False?