Shen Questions

Shen Module Questions | To be completed for NCCAOM Continuing Education Credits

To be completed after viewing all sessions of the Shen Module. Please send your completed quiz answers to Kelsey at  

  1. What are The Five Divisions of Shen and which organs are they related to?
  1. What are the healing transcendent emotions of each emotion?
  1. Peach Luck shows/comes out where on the face?
  1. Does everyone have Peach Luck?
  1. A sociopath has strong eye contact. Name two other traits of a sociopath.
  1. Fertility can be seen in which area of the face?
  1. How can you tell if someone is lying or telling the truth by observing the Shen?
  1. Certain things like medication, drugs and depression can block the Shen. Where on the face can you see these blockages?
  1. Explain Shen Disturbance pathologies.
  1. How do you track PTSD/Trauma on the face through Shen, Ears and the age map?
  1. How do you bring Shen back to balance with the Five Elements?
  1. Where is Shen reflected on the face and body?
  1. Different colors represent certain changes in pathologies in the body and are reflected on the face. Explain the different colors and areas of the face related to the organs.


  1. What are the Five Spirits of the Organs?


  1. What is Peach Luck?


  1. Fire/Shen and Focus are critical for one's Ming/Destiny. How do you recognize Shen in this way?