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Gun Heed

Started to study Acupuncture and TCM 1994, and work nowadays with some more therapies in my own clinic in Gothenburg ince 1999.
Got my diploma in Face Reading from Lillian 2015 and uses the knowledge most when giving courses in Cosmetic Acupuncture to let them know why we have wrinkles and marks.
Website https://akupunktoren.se
Mail info@akupunktoren.se


Eva-Marie Janelo

Eva-Marie Janelo has been working on health and rehabilitation since 1994. She is a practitioner of Chinese medicine and Certified Master Face Reader from Lotus Institute.

When Eva-Marie met Lillian for the first time in 2006, she did not understand the impact their meeting would have on her continued life. The knowledge Lillian imparted affected her deeply and from that day on she began to look at herself with completely new eyes. Lillian showed her all the beauty within herself that she had not been able to see before. She also made her understand that there is a potential within all of us, which is just waiting to blossom when we are ready for it. Lillian showed her that no dreams are impossible for us to achieve. But it is up to us to decide whether we should dare to capture the opportunities that exist within us.

For 15 years Eva-Marie had the privilege of being a student of Lillian. After completing the Master Face Reading Certification Program 2014 at the Lotus Institute, Lillian gave Eva-Marie the confidence to also help new students in the program. By continuing to follow Lillian's work in the role as a teaching assistant within the MFRCP, this gave her the opportunity to let the knowledge Lillian imparted take deep roots in herself as well.

Eva-Marie is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She offers individual face reading sessions in person in Stockholm or internationally online by Zoom.

For further information, contact Eva-Marie: www.facereading.se