UK Face Readers


Natalie McGrorty

Natalie first met Lillian in New Zealand in 2006 and shortly afterwards went to work for her in Seattle. Whilst working for Lillian, Natalie had the great fortune of apprenticing with her and later went on to complete the Master Face Reading Certification Program, when it came to England. She now lives in Bristol, UK and offers Face Readings online via Zoom. Natalie's particular area of expertise is women's health, for which Face Reading has become an invaluable part of her practice: /

In addition to her own practice, Natalie is a faculty member of the Lotus Institute and alongside CT Holman, assists students enrolled in the Master Face Reading Program with live Q&A calls.


Saffron Ellidge
Saffron first met Lillian in 2005 while studying to become an acupuncturist. She was so impressed by Lillian’s depth of understanding of her, just by reading her face, that she felt compelled to do an apprenticeship with Lillian and learn all she could about face reading. Several years later, when Lillian started the master program, Saffron deepened her own understanding and skills further. 
Saffron has been practising both face reading and acupuncture since 2005. She is based in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside but also sees clients in London. 
Saffron offers individual face readings in person or on Zoom, focusing on your unique potential, identifying and releasing emotional trauma and conditioning, and guiding you back to your true self and life purpose — your Golden Path. 
Where I practise: London and Marlborough, Wiltshire
For more information, contact her at