United States Face Readers

Charlotte, North Carolina

Deborah Walston

Deborah has been a practitioner of healing for over 30 years including women's spirituality, shamanism, tarot, feng shui, and Chinese face reading.  

Deborah helps clients one on one through the art of face reading, intuitive guidance and if requested, feng shui.  Through the wisdom of these modalities, Deborah guides clients in uncovering what their gifts are and take their gifts to the next level through clear, defined actions aligned with a client’s personal energy blueprint.  

Deborah helps in identifying energetics that are ready to be released and create greater understanding and opening.  If appropriate, solutions will be offered to bring greater harmony and balance in the form of cures and or homework in alignment with the client’s personal energy.

For further information, contact Deborah at www.blissenvironments.net


San Antonio, Texas

Sherron Hughes

I discovered Face Reading many years ago when I was in Corporate B2B sales. It helped me understand potential customers better and establish rapport more easily.   When I discovered Lillian Bridges at Lotus Institute, I jumped at the chance to study with her. I am so happy to be part of Lillian’s legacy and to have the opportunity to not only practice Face Reading, but also teach what Lillian taught me.




Bozeman, Montana

On a journey for holistic health, healing, and energetic beauty all her life, she now desires to share the amazing possibilities with all who seek a powerful personal transformation. Deborah combines her experience in the Asian healing arts with acupressure bodywork and clinical energetic aromatherapy along with tuning fork therapy. To learn more, visit her website: https://www.thezenoffacereading.com/